Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tweeting at #IMGC14 conference

The 28th annual International Mammalian Genome Conference was held over the last week in Bar Harbor, MA. For the first time, the official conference hashtag #IMGC14 was introduced. Twitter shares plummeted 9% next day. Pure coincide? I do not think so!

Totally, 79 participants contributed 1546 tweets. Guess who was the Twitter evangelist?

The distribution of tweets in time reveals when the lobster was served as a conference dinner.

The most retweeted status was Thomas Keane's announcement about the new strains in Mouse Genomes Project:

The most favorited status was Kärt Tomberg's typo:

And finally, this is the #IMGC14 wordcloud. It was a great time. Thank you all! By the way, my official Twitter account is "simecek42".

Data were downloaded from Twitter as described here. For figures, use the following R code:

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