Friday, May 12, 2017

Buy Your Mother a Domain for a Mother's Day (GoDaddy Domain for GitHub Pages)

Mother's Day is coming. Flowers and chocolate are nice and all. But if you want to surprise your mother with something less traditional, you can register her a domain and add Github Page as a gift.

I have registered domain a long time ago. Yesterday I discovered it is really easy to connect it to Github Page or blog.

  1. GitHub:

    In a repository with your Github Pages, create a file CNAME and write your domain address in it (e.g. "")

  2. GoDaddy:

    Find DNS setting for your domain. GoDaddy is changing web interface all the time but it should look something like this

    DNS Settings for your domain
    You need to change two values: "A" should be and CNAME www should be your Github Page's URL (e.g.
And that is all. Wait a few minutes until the change propagates through the internet and test it.

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